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browse around this sitePlease see:
- just how to install Spy mobile App for Android os
- how exactly to install Phone that is spy App iOS

Giving Logs

To allow a mobile spy to deliver the sms, phone, gps and system logs to the host you have to allow cyberspace connection for the smartphone. Our application will attempt to send sporadically the logs to your server but if there's absolutely no web connection the logs will not be lost. They will be delivered each time a net connection will be around.

MMS/SMS logs

The sent is recorded by the application and received texts in order to spy on SMS and MMS. You shall begin to see the GPS place (for the telephone where you have got installed the application form) if the MMS/SMS had been received/sent. The outgoing phone number are incorporated because of the phone's connections. It saves the text for both SMS and MMS. For MMS it saves any connected image, and following the log is sent to the host you will be able to see or install that image.

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There might be an app on your phone now delivering all your telephone calls, texts, pictures, and more to who understands?

For now you can expect help for Android os and iOS. You shall require any Android version higher than 2.3 - GINGERBREAD or any iPhone/iPad with a higher form of iOS than 6.x. This means the application form can operate on the newest & most utilized variations of Android like Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Lollipop, KitKat or iOS 8.x, 7.x

Install Spy Mobile App

• First of most you must have possession that is physical of smartphone so that you can install the application. You should run the application in order to register your phone after you install the application. When you operate the application form you're going to have to enter a contact and a password. To be able to register the phone you shall require a connection to the internet. Your e-mail and password is saved on our host and you will need to use them for logging in into our internet site. In the event that phone was registered before, the e-mail is going to be filled with your e-mail from your own past installation and you will have to enter the password from the previous installation.
• you must specify the name for this phone after you enter your login credentials. Following this the application is installed regarding the smartphone plus it currently delivers logs to our host (if the phone comes with an connection that is internet. The app will detect when an internet connection is available and it will send logs) if not after two days in which the phone doesn't send logs. In a few hours you can login to the site in order to begin to see the logs.