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this linkMore adaptable than curtains and much more versatile than voiles, the newest shutters and blinds can be found in a whole host of modern materials and super-chic colours, that not only create a feature of your windows, but provide flexible sunlight protection too.

The latest styles for blinds and shutters

'Wow colours such as yellow, red, orange and juicy green are back, both in textiles, lacquered steel and colored plexi'. Christina Widholm, chief trend and designer forecaster, Faber.

'we have seen an increase in product sales of wooden Venetian blinds with cotton tapes. For summer time, I'd expect this to keep with neutral slat colours and contrasting tapes in coastal blues.' Rebecca Brooks, advertising supervisor, Novatec and Eclectics.

'our trend that is up-and-coming is high gloss shutters in dark wenge or black colored. These look stunning with dark floorboards.' Mark Carter, business manager, Shutterly Fabulous.

'Following within the footsteps associated with the US, we are seeing much bigger louvres. We do slats up to 114mm for the look that is really modern' Aideen Smith, advertising supervisor, Shaftesbury Shutters.

'Our sliding shutter process is great for little areas and for using shutters as a space divider.' Harriet Shackleton, sales supervisor, the brand new England Shutter Company.
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You could source shutters that are antique salvage businesses such as for example Lassco. 'Shutters are cut straight down, just be sure they still work proportionally,' states Francis Lee, design consultant at Lassco. Or you can truly add an extra leaf to cause them to fit, but measure carefully to discover a set as near perfect that you can.

Kinds of Shutters

Café-style shutters are hung just in the bottom 50 % of the screen and so are more cost effective (as they only cover half the window). They're perfect if you reside at road degree and need privacy, but nevertheless wish to enable light in, but no good if you ever desire to black the room out completely.

Tier-on-tier or double-hung shutters are the most versatile shutters it is possible to decide for, with two sets hung one over the other, working separately. This gives flexibility that is great you could have the top open while the base closed, or vice versa, and both sets can be available or shut too. The only disadvantage is that they can look a bit fussy on some kinds of windows.

Full-height shutters are perfect for taller windows. There is often a dividing train either halfway up, or at a natural break in the screen (i.e. at the amount of the sash). This will make taller shutters more sturdy and allows the louvres within the top and bottom half to move individually, so you may start the utmost effective set to let in light but keep the underside shut for privacy.