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Mayowood Galleries - Advantageous antiques and gardent accents from 18th and 19th century England may be found at Mayowood Galleries. Two locations can be found, at the Mayowood Mansion and downtown Rochester. Historical past Heart of Olmsted County - For more of a historic display, the Historical past Center presents a Histry Library, a Genealogy Middle, in addition to a show of the history of Rochester and the encircling area. The History Heart additionally owns and operates Mayowood Mansion. Masque Youth Theatre - The Masque presents a wide range of children’s plays from October to June. The objective of the Masque is to contain younger people in theatre arts, and it successfully does that through the use of children as actors and providing performs that will curiosity the child found in everybody. Rochester Civic Theatre - Quite a lot of perfomances will be found at the Civic Theatre. The venue gives 9 perfomances a year, including dramas, comedies, and musicals.

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  • 4 Diego Fazio - Italy

  • People's Choice First Place: Holiday Show, Easton Studio, MD for "Slumber"

  • "The Award of Distinction", given by Roger Dale Brown, OPA, choose, Plein Air Texas, October 2017

I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, particularly the environment of an atmosphere. Atmosphere is revealed by how the light strikes objects, both natural and manmade. I significantly benefit from the temper of skies and expansive views. Inspiration can arrive anywhere, from a bustling street in Manhattan to an isolated marsh. It's the "feeling" of the place that evokes me, and that i hope to translate. When painting a scene, I don't have particular rules for myself. I want to let a scene and my feelings for it, set my approach. Palette knives, brushes, family objects and hardware retailer finds have all been utilized in moving paint onto and around my canvases. I see each painting as an experiment that is unfolding. My initial objective might be interrupted by a brand new thought during the process, and I'm okay with taking a unique path and veering from what might need been comfy. It is the secure paintings that I discover less exciting.

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