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The quickest, handiest way to trim rows of shrubs and bushes or even to style detailed and intricate landscaping is to use a powered hedge trimmer. Additionally, they provide you with the capacity to prune perennials, grasses and ground cover. High-quality trimmers should provide a clean, even cut, giving your yard a lovely, well-groomed appearance. This informative guide will assist you to be aware of the different kinds of power sources, blades boasting so that you can get the hedge trimmer ideal for your project.

Powering Your Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers are powered by either electricity or gasoline. Base your purchasing decision regarding how much portability, cutting capacity and power you want.

Electric models are lighter, quieter and vibrate lower than gas units. A power motor drives the blades, so there's no reason to mix fuel or refill. Smaller yards are specifically good candidates for electric trimmers. There are two types:

Cordless / rechargeable / battery-operated hedge trimmers offer mobility and lightweight weight. But today’s stronger batteries (around 80 volts) are certainly not lightweight in cutting ability.

Corded models provide constant power as long as you have accessibility to an electrical outlet. The attached cord limits mobility which means that this might not be your best option to get a lawn with plenty of trees. Look for a cord retention system to prevent the cord from being accidentally unplugged during use.

Gas models work with a two-cycle engine, requiring an individual to mix oil and gasoline. Mobility and work output are increased with gas trimmers, however, they're louder and heavier than electric models.

Blade Types

The principle two issues to pay attention to when it comes to your blades (apart from length, that is certainly) are just how far apart the blade teeth are, and whether your blades are single or double sided.

The space in between the blade teeth, or blade gap, affects how useful your hedge trimmer is going to be for different kinds of branches. Commercial hedge trimmers usually have blade gaps of your inch or more, but many home users will likely be pleased with smaller blade gaps in the 3/8 to ¾ inch rage.

Single-sided blades are safer and simpler to move with since you can actually retain the side from the trimmer using the blade faced away from you. For folks who are knowledgeable about hedge trimmers though, a double-sided option can quicken how fast your trimming effort is, simply because it cuts for both sides at once.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Hedge Trimmers


Hedge trimmers are powerful tools, but the quantity of power you are able to wield by using a trimmer varies by product. The principle indicator of power is the power source.

Gas hedge trimmers will bring a greater degree of capability to hedge trimming than electric models. But electric models offer a variety of power levels at the same time. Individuals with an increased voltage can tackle harder jobs faster than a few of the more cost-effective models which come with a lower voltage.

The amount of power you want is entirely dependent on the sorts of hedges you’ll be trimming, their size, and the volume of power you’re comfortable wielding.


With hedge trimmers, a few things you’ll pay a premium for are higher power and greater convenience. The most cost effective hedge trimmers is going to be corded, lightweight models that are fantastic for simpler jobs. These could cost as low as $30.

If you add in the simplicity of a cordless model, the minimum price jumps approximately around $60, yet your power to trim more hedges from further from the house increases significantly. Such things as an increased-powered battery, longer blade, and faster charging time can all increase the cost as well, but make bigger jobs easier.

Gas hedge trimmers routinely might cost more than electric ones, starting around $250 and going up to over $500 in price. The bigger-cost gas models are useful for contractors and businesses, while most home users will be able to satisfy their demands with a more affordable choice.


Hedge trimmers include a range of blade lengths. Longer ones can help you to trim your hedges more evenly, or they can be difficult to manage and unwieldy if you’re doing work in a good space.

For most typical hedges, an 18" blade will work just great. If your hedges are larger than usual, a 20" blade or larger could make the project easier, if you have the room to move it. If you’re unfamiliar with hedge trimming, starting with a shorter blade is recommended, as it’s safer when you’re still getting used to the project.


A hedge trimmer’s weight includes a big impact on its simplicity. Heavy hedge trimmers are harder to support aloft and can wear even experienced users out quickly, however they tend to be more powerful. Lighter models will likely be much simpler and far better to utilization in general, particularly for any individual unfamiliar with by using a hedge trimmer.

Simplicity of use

As just addressed, weight is amongst the biggest factors in simplicity of use. One other ingredient that makes a significant difference is actually a hedge trimmer’s power source.

Gas models require more maintenance and will be harder to regulate, while electric models tend to be more lightweight and straightforward to begin. Cordless electric models provide even greater simplicity, as you can take them anywhere with out to take care of a cord.

Together with these main factors, numerous features be a factor in convenience. Some hedge trimmers allow the option for an on lock, which means you don’t have to press the trigger the complete time you’re working.

Wraparound handles help you to hold the trimmer comfortably for very long intervals. A rotating blade makes it easier to hold your trimmer at different angles when you’re maneuvering around a fence or wall. Along with a cordless hedge trimmer that comes with an extra battery will save you the trouble of obtaining to wait patiently with a charge to complete a task.


Irrespective of what sort of hedge trimmer you acquire, it’s vital that you read and stick to the manufacturer’s instructions to guarantee safe use and a long life for the hedge trimmer. All hedge trimmers requires some maintenance, but the level of work you must do can vary depending on a few factors.

With gas trimmers, you’ll must stay aware about just how much fuel they have and refill with the right mixture of oil and gas whenever needed. You’ll also need to replace the spark plug periodically and maintain the intake vent clear. At the end of the season, you ought to run stabilizer through the engine and ensure you store the trimmer properly.

For all types of hedge trimmers, you should monitor the blades and ensure they stay sharp. You may want to sharpen the blades you have or replace old blades with brand new ones every so often and also hardwearing . hedge trimmer in good working order. And you’ll need to maintain your hedge trimmer clean somewhere between uses also.


With a tool as powerful being a hedge trimmer, safety has to be a top-notch concern. High-powered blades are absolutely nothing to take lightly. Anyone unfamiliar with employing a hedge trimmer should make sure to choose a lightweight model with good safety features and follow all instructions carefully. Even people who have been using hedge trimmers for many years should be careful not to get complacent and try to treat the blades with care during use.

Many hedge trimmers come with features made to add some safety for their use. Tooth extensions help you to maintain the blades further from your body. Some hedge trimmers automatically cut capability to the blade the instant you release the trigger, so there’s less probability of any sort of accident. And some include front-handle shields that will help you avoid moving your hands too near to the blade during use.

At least as vital as any features which come with the hedge trimmer will be the precautions users choose to take because they work. It’s recommended that you use safety eyewear and gloves while using the a hedge trimmer to lower your personal risk and, for louder models, invest in some earplugs or other hearing protection equipment at the same time. And be sure to learn over all information provided by the company before using a new hedge trimmer so that you can follow their safety guidelines if you use your brand new tool.


Cordless - A cordless electric hedge trimmer is much easier to use and assists you to go further from the house when you work without issue.

Tooth Extensions - Tooth extensions put more distance in between the hedge trimmer’s blades as well as your body, decreasing the chance of getting cut.

Dual Switches - Dual switches require both hands to make use of the hedge trimmer, which boosts the safety.

On Lock - An on lock makes it much simpler to use the trimmer for too long intervals, given that you don’t must support the trigger across the whole time.

Off Lock - An off lock reduces the chance of someone accidentally turning the hedge trimmer on and it is particularly suitable for anyone with kids in your house.

Wraparound Handle - A wraparound handle makes it much simpler to support the hedge trimmer more comfortably as you work.

Warranty - An excellent warranty tells you the maker stands by their product and offers peace of mind which you shouldn’t have too many problems.

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