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Well, the fantastic Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx plus the Egyptian Museum are destinations as well-known up to a random tourist as it could be. However, then you may also think of visiting some of the lesser known attractions if you are enjoying an extended stay in the capital Cairo. It is not why these destinations are not worthy of a call or they are not checked out. It's exactly that tourists on a short Egypt journey often skip them given that they pale before the enigma regarding the pyramids and Sphinx. But, degrees of training seen your share of pyramids and Sphinx in order to find that you still have enough time left to sight see, then do feel the attractions we recommend below:

i. The Solar Boat Museum: this is a museum which houses a boat that when belonged to Khufu (the Pharaoh who also offers a popular pyramid to his title). It is really not a must-visit, unless you would love to know more about the Pharaohs and their royal possessions unless you love history or.

ii. Cairo Opera home: You can add a dash of music to your Egypt day at pyramids by at risk of the Cairo Opera home. Found in the heart associated with the money, this spot usually hosts several of the most melodious shows and shows. An evening invested here are an night well spent.
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Looking at websites, such as for example Airbnb can also help. These websites provide listings of locals who offer their flats for people at reasonable prices. So, if you would like remain somewhere through your vacation, this is a great option.

cairo hotel close to pyramidsEven though this option is cheaper, know you to enjoy the amenities offered by a good hotel that it won't allow. Furthermore, you will have to stick to the policies regarding the apartment owners.

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