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"a small business which makes nothing but cash is a poor company." Henry Ford-the creator of Ford Motor Business

find thisThe term 'Social responsibility' has been usually related to the personal sector, mainly with international companies. The effort was made by EU in October 2011, whenever it redefined corporate social responsibility as "the responsibility of enterprises for his or her impacts on society", and encouraged enterprises to truly have a process in position to incorporate social, ecological, ethical, human being legal rights and consumer issues within their company operations and core strategy in close cooperation using their stakeholders.

Now, in a global market by building partnerships with multinational companies or invite foreign investors, and considering that we all owe it back to the society where we take it from, Enterprise Social Responsibility is an inherent business practice if we talk in context of globalization, even SMEs need to position themselves. It's, instead, the real way we must run our businesses. This is proposed to express the social responsibility of SMEs may be the one communicated by the EU Commission last year, which can be "Social responsibility could be the responsibility of organizations for their impact on society."
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Mainly, the banking industry in the centre East doesn't understand the main importance of having a defined CSR policy. Many banking institutions do not grasp the worth of CSR.

You will find apparent and genuine gains on hand for banking institutions that have well-designed and effective CSR strategies. They could promote their profile in the community they provide, enhance neighborhood, and cross-border economic performance, and enable community development, on top of that strengthening their profitability.

CSR focuses more on just how organizations and finance institutions can add through their core company, along with conventional donations that are charitable.

CSR and Project Finance

CSR methods are often implemented in banking institutions' core company, that are credit and investments. Project finance is one of the ways to get capital for investment opportunities.

Banks give consideration to how to fairly balance the chance and interests of this various participating parties, including protecting the attention of those who're straight and indirectly affected - especially the community that is local reside within or close to the area relying on the project.

It is suggested that banks recognize their responsibility to avoid or restrict social and environmental damage that may were brought on by activities financed they need to adopt appropriate analysis and verification procedures by them.

Banking institutions have impact on the environment directly and indirectly. Lending and investments tasks have an impact that is indirect the surroundings. Therefore, banks must certanly be encouraged to take into account purposes that are environmentally-friendly their credit decisions. To the end, banking institutions may offer incentives to credit facilities for "green" investments such as increasing a buildings' insulation or higher efficient lighting systems which use alternate energy sources. The lender may use less strict rules in reference to collaterals or offer discounted loans to such customers of these forms of investments.

There are approaches that explore how banks are linking the old-fashioned credit danger assessment using the debtor's ecological risk evaluation. A bank can assess the environmental credit risk of the borrowing customer and then factor in the results of this assessment at some stage of the creditworthy assessment process in other words.