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Creating the garden of your dreams

A pleasant garden is nice, but it must also meet the needs of those who use it. Born in the mountains, Patrick Edelmann, a mason by trade, decided to bank on his experience and entrepreneurship skills and left Switzerland to come to Quebec. In 1999, Créations et Constructions Edelweiss was born. Since then, the company has continuously grown and now employs about ten people (architects, landscapers, designers, horticulturists and managers).

At Créations et Constructions Edelweiss, our passion is to turn your land into the garden paradise of your dreams.

Whether your land is limited or sprawling, square or irregularly shaped, flat as a board or on a slope, we create exceptional landscapes that will set your home apart and give it a new, refreshing atmosphere.

Services offered

Landscaping plans - Concept & design - Levelling - Structural design - Planning

Drainage - Levelling - Embankment - Landscaping - Excavation - Demolition

Wall and sleeper walls (natural stone, dry stone, retaining and support walls, rubble) – Flagstone paths - Trails - Stone pavement – stone huts (capitelles) - Walkways and driveways - Paving stones (prefabricated, bergerac, paleo, granite) - Pool, fountain and waterhole outlines and contours - Architectural stone - Structural masonry - Concrete, laying or restoration of bricks, rough-casting

Patios and sun decks (on ground or roof) - Pergolas, sunshades and gazebos – Custom-made balconies, banisters and stairways - Flower containers - Arbours

Complete landscaping - Garden arrangements (Asian, feng shui, English, Californian, rustic, aquatic, etc.) - Decorative rockwork - Plantations (flowerbeds and trees) - Flower arrangements - Reconstruction and arrangement of riverbanks

Water gardens
Nature-spa - Cascades and water gardens - Natural or ornamental ponds - Dry brooks - Waterfalls - Custom-made fountains - Arrangement of brooks and riverbanks

Arts and sculpture
Sculptures of all kinds (wood, mosaic, stone, marble, bronze, ironworks etc.) - Artistic architectural landscaping project creations

Tree services
Tall-tree trimming - Selective cutting - Land or riverbank clearing - Tree cutting and trimming – Hedge, shrub and rosebush pruning

Installation of fiber optics 12 V circuits - Lighting of trees, sculptures or walls - Lighting of fountains, basins, cascades or waterfalls - Lighting of residential or commercial building facades, gardens or land

International consulting
Professional advice and project management - Landscape planning and architecture - Materials selection - Garden renovation - Planting design - International knowledge of soils and geotechnics - Adaptive landscaping