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Shore restoration
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Shores and shore landscaping

Shore landscaping with the help of heavy stabilization using soil bio-engineering.

Our multidisciplinary team executes turnkey shore landscapes with the help of soil bio-engineering to ensure the future of your land and to increase your property’s assets and beauty.


Creations & Constructions Edelweis Inc. creates shore landscapes in accordance to all standards in effect. The appropriate technique is used, whether for deep pillars, the installation of faggots or fascines, plantation boxes or others. Thanks to our specialized equipment, our experts take care of everything to ensure your peace of mind, from preparation of plans and specifications, obtaining authorization, compliance certificates to the final production of the landscape.

Soil bio-engineering works together with civil engineering to combine landscape architecture, construction, environmental engineering, biology and horticulture. With the proper all-around view and perfect execution, your shore landscaping will not need to be done twice.

Our solutions to stop coastline erosion and to allow for strong stabilization are proven and have been taught in Europe for more than forty years.
Partners of Biotech (Switzerland), our company uses plants recommended by the FIHOQ in there Directory of plants recommended for the vegetalization of the river bank of Quebec and tries hard to surpass the demands of the MRNF for the benefit of the natural environment and the future generations.