Landscape architecture
Territorial landscaping
Exterior landscaping
Soil bio-engineering
Revitalization and landscaping
Revegetation and seeding
Extreme excavation
Erosion control

Territorial landscaping and urban planning

Territories, public spaces, nature parks, walkways and retention basins

Territories and well designed landscapes are durable and ergonomical. They envelop a community, create jobs and develop investments.

Competencies and reliable expertise

Creations & Constructions Edelweis Inc., Master Craftsmen, accomplish your most technical project, relying on their competencies in landscape architecture and expertise in shore rehabilitation, soil bio-engineering, hydraulic seeding and soil stabilization. Retention basins are revegetalized using specific seeds and are designed for appropriate erosion control and water flow. Nature parks will enhance green spaces, bicycle paths and public spaces while walkways and paths will be inviting and durable, allowing you to discover a generous and splendid mountainous nature.

Experience in the Alps and the Laurentians, specialized equipment for slopes and seeding in mountainous regions.