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Soil bio-engineering

Soil bio-engineering, when used in the stabilization of slopes, means ensuring the sustainability of your investment.

Creations & Constructions Edelweis Inc. design and accomplish made to measure projects using the most proven techniques on an international level for efficient, durable results that respect the environment. With the help of techniques related to civil engineering, soil bio-engineering uses biodegradable materials for stabilizing and creating heavy structures.

“Heavy” soil bio-engineering will be helpful in the stabilization of land and slopes, replacing support or shore walls, replacing rocks, protecting a foundation, creating forest walkways and so much more. Well designed and expertly executed, whether using plantation boxes, crossed logs, deep pilling or with the help of mixed techniques, soil bio-engineering solves the problems related to slope, land and shore slides along with shore erosion for many future generations to come.

Creations & Constructions Edelweis Inc. is a team of specialists who are trained with the best in civil engineering, soil bio-engineering, shore landscaping and biology. Our specialists have the field experience required and work using the machinery best adapted to each situation.

When it comes to landscaping, some conduct surveys to protect themselves against the possible evolution of nature, while others improvise themselves in the field using a mechanical shovel and some willow branches. When implementing heavy structures that will resist an ice bank and tormented tidal waters that concern the growth of a slope on clayish or sandy soil is concerned, make sure you have the right contractor.

Creations & Constructions Edelweis Inc. has the best made to measure solutions representing the best value

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We provide complete development services and integration of construction and design. A combination of innovative designs, planning, well balanced and impeccable, flawless execution that leads to a unique finished product. A large part of the success of your project is a result of the direct relation that we develop with each of our clients. This way, details are never forgotten and the work is executed without any worries, from beginning to end, within the deadlines and while respecting the budget. Each challenge is met with the right solution, the right equipment and the right approach. Creations & Constructions Edelweis Inc. deliver excellency with creativity, expertise, artistic designs and a respect for the environment that are exceptional.