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Soil bio-engineering
Revitalization and landscaping
Revegetation and seeding
Extreme excavation
Erosion control

Revitalization and landscaping

Revitalization and enhancing a quarry, a sandpit, a landfill and a mine

Thanks to an architectural plan and sequential planning in accordance with the master plan, Constructions Edelweis Inc. designs the rehabilitation and revitalization of sites in order to enhance the characteristics which are unique to them. The exterior environment is revitalized and problems are solved in order to contribute to the positive, beautiful and durable image of your company.


Whether for trapping dust, controlling erosion, isolating sound or decontamination, you can count on our landscaping and hydraulic seeding services, our revegetation and plantation screens and our stabilizing polymers which favour biodiversity, re-use of the site and social acceptance. The use of adequate vegetation, appropriate techniques and specialized machinery allow us to efficiently solve concrete problems that are unique to your site.

Our company obtains its supplies from the largest suppliers and depends on a multidisciplinary expertise. We also rely on international collaborators in order to offer you state-of-the-art solutions that are well adapted to your project.

The health and safety is at the heart of the work accomplished by Creations & Constructions Edelweis Inc. Our company is proud to have been able to prevent any unfortunate accidents over the years by favoring the development of aptitudes and abiding to a set of procedures and practices that ensure a safe environment that does not present any risks.