Landscape architecture
Territorial landscaping
Exterior landscaping
Soil bio-engineering
Revitalization and landscaping
Revegetation and seeding
Extreme excavation
Erosion control

Revegetation and hydraulic seeding

Hydraulic seeding, useful and necessary in some cases

Environmental requirements and demanding erosion control require durable, efficient soil preparation and hydraulic seeding starting from the first stream.

Thanks to our knowledge of the various soils, we are able to plant all types of soil, from seeding to phytorestoration: buildings, businesses, industrial zones, unattainable road and auto route banks, train tracks, ski slopes, retention basins, mining sites, landfills, quarry, sandpits, humid zones, shores and waterways.

We will select the optimum variety of seeds, tailor-mixed, according to each type of soil and environment. We will control problematic issues related to maintenance or invasion from detrimental plant species.

Thanks to our knowledge of geotechnics, difficult environments and steep slopes hold no secrets for us. Creations & Constructions Edelweis Inc. respect the regulations and the latest, highest standards in the industry read more at  accreditations

We always work with first quality products as supplied by the best producers. We safely access zones commonly labelled as “dangerous” or “inaccessible” thanks to our specialized equipment.