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For any excavation work and all-around access, our spider excavator is the right solution!


A standard shovel can only accomplish standard excavation work. Otherwise, paths, levels or access ramps must be created. Walls, pillars and obstacles must be by-passed. In certain areas, it will be practically impossible for you to do the work. Our job begins when others give up.

We have the solution to cure your headache! With our experience, machinery and state-of-the-art materials, we create job sites to consolidate slope or shore slides, move poles or posts, stabilize slopes, remove obstacles, create retention basins or create specialized landscapes.

We access steep slopes, fields, road banks, train tracks, forests or shores, unstable grounds, turfs, marshes, rocky or damaged fields. Our spider excavator is equipped with two legs and two adjustable, independent wheels. It has the shovel capacity of twenty tons and can be moved anywhere, without leaving a trace.

  • Take a look at the specs of our specialized machinery
  • Take a look at our spider excavator at work
  • Our spider-excavator drivers will accomplish precision work for you by maneuvering the 16 movements per second of this unusual excavator

Creations & Constructions Edelweis Inc. respects the security standards of the CSST (Quebec’s Workmen’s Compensation Commission) and executes its artistic work while maintaining a strict security protocol and a quality management process (LEAN) which prevents any unnecessary travelling and prevents forgetfulness. To this day, our company has never had a job site accident and is proud to provide a safe workplace.

                                                                     We begin when others give up!