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Exterior landscaping of a building

Exterior landscaping of your buildings following a quality management process (LEAN) and an environmental philosophy (LEED)

All our job sites follow a quality management process (LEAN) and an environmental philosophy (LEED) to create exterior, ergonomic landscapes that facilitate movement, require less maintenance and enhance your building.

In order to efficiently design an industrial park, brick, ancestral or estate buildings, to create a beautiful entrance, the façade of an institute or commercial building, every challenge is handled with the help of the right solution, the right equipment and the right technique applied at the right place. With the combination of an adequate site evaluation, quarter turn planning, balanced project management, impeccable execution and budget respect, you will obtain a unique result at the height of your expectations.

Formed by a Harvard LEAN quality management specialist and first landscaping company to have followed the Canada LEED training for a sustainable building, Creations & Constructions Edelweis Inc. deliver excellence with creativity, expertise and a respect for the environment since 1999.

Following Swiss tradition, trustworthy people, proven expertise and competencies, Creations & Constructions Edelweis Inc. puts every effort into delivering inviting designs for the delight of their clients. With us, your project will be well directed, well designed and well executed, from beginning to end!