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LEED and LEAN landscaping: A testimony of quality and durability!

Being certified in LEED and LEAN exterior landscaping provides us with the ability to provide much more to our clients for the same budget as what the competition could ever offer.


Quality management (“LEAN” or “LEAN management”) is a series of management techniques aimed at eliminating activities that offer no added value and thereby results in the reduction of all forms of loss and waste.


  • Reduce the length of production cycles
  • Reduce stocks
  • Increase productivity
  • Optimize quality


Selecting for a quality management process allows for fairer production and performance.


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) refers to a high environmental quality building standardization system created in 1998. In Canada, LEED certification is awarded by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). A project can thereby attain four levels: certified, silver, gold and platinum, all showing leadership in durable landscaping.


A LEED certification encourages and recognizes performance within the following five important areas:

  • Landscaping of ecological sites
  • Efficient water management
  • Savings on energy and atmospheric conditions
  • Materials and resources
  • Quality of the environment


Planning a design with the help of a landscape architectural plan in harmony with the flow at a job site maximizes the use of the materials, speed of execution and travel. This way, we are able to plan concrete actions such as:


  • Management of sediments during and after the job
  • The use of indigenous plants with a superior capacity to adapt
  • Enhancing sites and ecosystems
  • Recycling of job waste
  • Valorization and reuse of used materials
  • Revalorization of soils and composts on location through stripping and screening
  • Management of rain water and water runoffs


For further details on our methods and LEED certification, contact us!!