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Patrick Edelmann, Landscape Architect and Consultant

Your landscaping and landscape architecture projects must stand out from those of others, as much from their beauty arising from smooth and flawless execution as for incomparable profitability. Whether your project is at the planning stage, at the heart of its construction or ready for final inspection, our consultants are available wherever you are.


Our professional, world class expertise for all types of landscapes will enable you to verify the plans and the optimization of the construction process, to be sure of the modifications necessary for compliance with environmental laws, the movement of soil and erosion control, irrigation, stabilization of foundations and the quality aesthetic finish. Via ground, air or water, we will proceed with the impartial inspection of conformity with the terms of a design contract or the use of materials and evaluation of the construction quality and finish.


Switzerland is recognized for possessing the highest construction quality standards in the world, for creating infrastructures that withstand the test of time and for passing on an heritage of excellence, durability and consistence. Mr. Patrick Edelmann, Landscape Architect and Master Craftsman, trained in the largest job sites of the Jura, is certified in LEAN and LEED management, has over than 550 projects under his belt and on a daily basis, successfully handles challenges that others will only encounter once in their career. With a sharp and innovative mind, you will benefit from the recommendations of an expert that is always on top of the latest trends and international innovations.

Working with an expert will prove to be an investment for you and will enable you to gain on possible errors, to optimize your projects, to use innovative solutions that may otherwise be hiding from your view and to harmonize theory with reality in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.