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Durable development

Our vision: durable development of an exterior landscape or territory

For us, durable development is an exterior or territorial landscaping project that does not have to be done twice and that offers a quality of life along with a plus value to our clients, the community and to nature itself on a long term basis.


Our realizations are respectful of the environment and use an integrated approach by drainage basin for controlling water runoff and erosion control or the creation of pathways for residential or industrial development projects. For the stabilization of hills and shores, the design of stabilized forest walkways, restoration of land slides or rehabilitation of ecosystems or degraded sites, you deserve a master craftsman that will take charge of everything, from obtaining licenses and environmental authorizations to a flawless execution that is in compliance with the processes.


We have the reputation of having executed aesthetic landscapes that are in harmony with nature and that are easy to maintain. We are also known for our advanced “heavy” soil bio-engineering techniques and erosion control. We have a large selection of state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to execute specialized tasks without causing any damage to the environment. We work following a LEAN process and we believe in a LEED certified approach in order to save on resources and provide you with a certified environment!


Creations & Construction Edelweis Inc. guarantee the quality of its creations. No matter the nature of the work – from the most standard to the most audacious – quality assurance is part of a well preserved Swiss heritage and of our guarantee.